About Us

Battery Factory is specialising in batteries for all applications and complete solar systems. We believe in supplying the hardiest and most suitable products available. We use and stock quality products that will last the distance, and back them above and beyond with exceptional warranties. We endeavour to provide an easy to use service, with expert advice available if you need help selecting a battery to suit your needs.

Building The Future We Believe In
The future is being built today and, because of the work we do, it’s one that’s more productive, powerful and sustainable. By developing innovative, efficient energy storage solutions that deliver on our promise of reliability, performance and freedom, we know we can achieve our customer’s long-term energy goals—while making the world a better place.

High-Performance Engineering
Innovation and imagination go hand-in-hand at Battery Factory as we strive for excellence in all we do. Solving big challenges through intelligent engineering is in our corporate DNA, and our ability to translate extensive technical knowledge to create unique, integrated energy storage solutions that solve customer problems is unsurpassed.

Partnering For Mutual Success
We know the surest way to guarantee our success is to ensure it for customers, distributors and employees. That’s why we take the long view and invest time and resources to growing strategic relationships. From these we gain unique insights and the ability to respond quickly with exceptional customer experiences and solutions.

Light on Weight; Heavy on Power
Battery Factory lithium batteries typically weigh one-third less and provide up to 50% more energy than traditional flooded, AGM, or GEL lead-acid batteries, and they provide more power.

Maximum Efficiency
Battery Factory lithium batteries offer super-low resistance (and 99% efficiency), allowing much faster charging, with minimal losses. Lead-acid batteries lose power quickly during discharge.

More Hours of Power
Lithium batteries provide 100% of their rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. Lead-acid batteries typically provide less usable energy with higher rates of discharge. They are usually limited to 50% of the rated capacity to prevent diminished life.

Cash In On Performance
While lithium-ion batteries may cost more up front, the long-term savings are tremendous. Lithium batteries deliver greater performance and longer life than lead-acid batteries. This means fewer replacement and labor costs, and less down-time.