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What is a Battery ?

A battery is a device for storing electrical energy in a chemical form, and then releasing it as direct current in a controlled way. All batteries have a positive and a negative terminals, the whole assembly being within a container. Atomic Lithium Ion batteries are secondary batteries, which means that they can be recharged after they have been discharged. Primary batteries can be discharged only once and then have to be thrown away; examples are some types of torch and radio batteries.

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Lithium ion Battery Advantages

Like any other technology, lithium ion or li-ion cells and batteries have their advantages.While there are many different types of lithium ion cell, it is possible to describe some of the generic advantages and disadvantages.It is then possible to look at the different variants to see their own advantages and disadvantages.Obviously the choice of whether to sue a lithium ion battery or cell is dependent upon analysing and weighing up the different advantages and disadvantages to see whether they give a real benefit. A decision can then be made about the correct type or format to use.   Lithium ion battery advantages There are many advantages to using a li-ion cell of battery. These li-ion battery advantages include: High energy...

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